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Better than blacklists… EL is IP intelligence

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Infographic: EL's pattern stays ahead of spammers vs DNSBLs that try to follow close behind spammers.

What is Enemieslist?

Enemieslist classifies hostnames (PTR records) in order to allow policy to be applied in various contexts, from inbound SMTP to reputation analysis to simply adding more useful data points to data related to host naming conventions. Originally intended to aid in the risk evaluation of accepting mail from a given host, EL's unique approach and comprehensive coverage now finds applications beyond anti-spam. Our IP intelligence is useful for reputation services, anti-fraud, anti-abuse, anti-spam, threat detection, information security, and network security.

Better than blacklists

EL remains consistently effective by avoiding the "sliding window" problem faced by IP-based blacklists that experience reduced effectiveness because they include stale IPs. Also, because EL's patterns are derived from hostnames, it is less prone to false positives than a blacklist that lists entire IP netblocks and then waits for the false positives to remove themselves. To avoid being classed as generic by EL, all a host must do is obtain a custom hostname (PTR).

Easy to put into production

EL is flexible and easy to put into production. Choose your path to getting started using:

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